Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Someone pointed me to some lovely pictures of a snowflakes , much enlarged.  I’m having a bit of dificulty with the scale, as it has both 2.0 kV and x30 and 1 mm on the screen.  2.0 kV electron microscopes are good for measureing 1 Micron sized objects, so… I expect that 1mm doesn’t mean 1 milimeter, but 1 micron.  Still, odd to have a x30 on the screen.

This is a picture of a X30 view of a snowflake .

In any case, these look very different.

An image from an electron microscope could be 2 million times larger, but these appear to be on the order of a hundred times larger. 

Here is a good page  where you can see a few pictures at x450 magnificaiton with an electron microscope, and then compare that to the similar light magnification.

Have fun clicking about. Snowflakes can have that nice “standard shape” but they have many variations on the theme, needles, columns, grid hex.  Odd.  Worth looking at for a snow in day.