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Hey Everyone!
 Sorry I ditched out this week, it has been hectic at work. Computer issues, health issues, money issues. I also managed to double up my work-outs for this week, so I am pretty beat.

Beer Review or What has Hawk been Drinking?

Magic Hat

They have one dark beer, their winter seasonal, called “Howl.” Looking at their website, I can see that there are several of their beers that I haven’t tried yet. BUT, from the trials of Wacko, Vinyl, #9, Choir Boy, and something else… well … Howl Doesn’t Suck.
Magic Hat makes an ok beer, but it is off my buy list. Sure, there are a lot of worse beer out there, but for my $9… well… I can get anything by flying dog and not have a metal taste in my mouth when I am finished. Beet Juice? Come on…it was nasty.

Samuel Adams:

Sam Adams puts out a lot of beer, and a lot of it I do not like. I really can’t care about Boston Lager. It isn’t bad (if you are wise, serve it just cooler than room temperature) but cold it is bad. Their Boston Ale is more “Lagery” than their Lager. Heck, most of their ales are lagers, and most suck. I like their Scotch Ale, which tastes like a Bock, but it a good beer. BUT lets talk about their new line of high alcohol beer.

Imperial White, Imperial Stout, and Dopple Bock. – wow.

K? Was that clear enough?

The Imperial White is what you wanted when you bought those expensive Monk Ales. Some of them produce this, but most do not.

The Dopple Bock is essentially a dark Monk ale. It is all but a Barley Wine. So high in alcohol, I get drunk thinking about it.

I’m heading out tonight to try the Imperial Stout. I’m sure it will be good. So if you see a drunk guy in a kilt, well, it MIGHT be me.

Speaking of Beer – Important Link: Less Beer for Fewer Mosquito Bites!

Summer Reading

Old novels make great summer reading, don’t cost a lot, especially on a Nook, and you can go through six or seven without feeling guilty.

Right now I’m reading an Old Jane Fancher novel. She is a great writer. Her work needs to be explored a lot more than it has. Buy a copy of Groundties today. Or check out her Ring of Lighting series. Both are really solid novels. Also reading the C.J. Cherryh novels from her Merchanter series. Love em. I’ll do titles when I’m not late for a meeting.
groundties slide show

Go to Closed Circle to buy books.

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