Some Fun with 12 Gauge Rounds

I missed 4th of July at Emily’s place, glad Jimmy doesn’t know about Dragon’s Breath. Maybe he could import some for next 4th of july, eh? Probably not safe to be on the same continent as a crazy man with an automatic shotgun and these rounds.  Enjoy. Happy Late 4th of July!

One Question, what exactly is a professional Russian?  I am in fear that there is a union or something. heh.

Just a bit of Astronomy

Do ‘Ultracool’ Brown Dwarfs Surround Us?

Do Brown Dwarf stars surround us in great numbers? probably no. There have been a lot of ideas on these grounds, but due to the actual mechanics of making stars, low mass objects don’t accrue proper solar systems. It pretty much takes a sun-sized mass to make the whole “accumulation” thing work. SO, a single low mass star is unlikely to accrue by itself.

Yes, we have found a couple, and we may find more. It would be an interesting explanation for lost mass, and … well… would cause us to re-write our ideas on how solar systems can form. It is one thing to track a chart down to the low end and say … “Heck, if we keep going this way we get to some interesting new developments.” But in real life, not science, the chart abruptly cuts off. Why? Because it is rare that something is simple, more likely real life is the intersection of two or more forces which only operate linearly over a small, distinct, range.

ie. Easy to jump a bike over a creek, Possible to jump a car over a small river, takes a rocket to clear the grand canyon,…. then the distance is too far for an un-powered flight which can carry a living creature. There are too many forces at work in take off, landing, and trajectory motion to make linear scaling possible.

Stars? Well, we are again limited to one observable star and solar system. Call me when we have two.. k?

Persacon Today

My son is going to Persacon today, without me. He is just hanging out with his friends…
Annservice, Part One

I’m not worried, I already had a hot-key for emergency services.

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, too dang much work.

Global Warming

As a tool of the power companies, I present a lovely argument against some of the actions taken by politicians in response to global warming. As I have said before, this AGW is a religion. People have “sinned against nature” and can “Buy forgiveness” through carbon credits.

Look folks, the environment is lovely, but it doesn’t care about your carbon credits. We should work to protect it, but not at the expense of human life, which honestly is the final argument. Yes, we are wealthy, but most of the world is not. We are generating wealth, which will trickle down to everyone – as soon as their local dictators allow it. North Korea is only the most obvious example.

Human Psyche Expandable

Scientists now claim that the ‘self’ can relocate to other bodies, or be made to include a third arm‏.

This can help explain (in reverse) the concept of “phantom limbs,” as well as the ability of some to consider objects (a car, a tennis racket, a golf club) an extension of their bodies to enhance their skills with it. A little scary and a lot fascinating at the same time.

-Stephanie Osborn, the International Woman of Mystery