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Ok, Books review. There are several authors and books I have been trying out lately. Here is a short list of the ones of interest. Sadly enough, this doesn’t even cover July, I go through most of a dozen books a month. I’ve included book covers or book art with each one. I hope my ratings are usefull, feel free to comment on any of this. Oh, I read them all on the nook, so if you are still in paper, I’m not sure what you find in the store.

The Princess Bride : William Goldman
    Genre: Fantasy Stars: 4/5
    Yes, it is as good as the movie. go ahead and read it. The author asides are actually very interesting as well. I was as fascinated with his life and the making of the movie as i was in the book, which essentially is the same as the movie.

The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure [Book]

Kraken: China Mieville
    Genre: Urban Fantasy Stars: 3/5
    Look, this really is good writing, but it can be a bit tedious. You really don’t LIKE a lot of the characters. Some characters you really despise are good guys, some you like are villains. Some you hate are villains as well, which is good. Some are mysterious for no damn good reason, and some just cuss a lot. A LOT. Extremely British. The plot does make sense in the end, though not while reading it. Look, I’m considered a genius at twisted plots. This book contains several twisted plot elements that will take some thinking. I like that a lot. 
    Kraken [Book]
I Shall Wear Midnight: Terry Pratchet
    Genre: Comedy Fantasy Stars 5/5
    Amazing as always. 4th in the Wee Free Men Trilogy. I love the Nac Mac Feegle. I love the witches. etc. etc.

John Carter of Mars: Edgar Rice Burroughs
    Genre: Science Fiction Action Adventure Stars: Lord, how do you rate your childhood? 4/5
   Look, John Carter of Mars is a cliche’ these days…but it was original once. When I read it 30 years ago, they were cool and interesting. Heck, still probably cliche’ then, but I didn’t know what that meant. This is the core of the science fiction action adventure novel. If you haven’t read them, you should.
John Carter of Mars Live Action Film
Zero History: William Gibson
    Genre: Science Fiction Stars 5/5
This is a damn good book. It never really exploded off the page, but it never stopped being “real.” This isn’t the future, it happened today, yesterday. The book is more a social deconstruction than anything else, a social science paper run amok. Loved it.

Matter: Iain M. Banks
    Genre: Science Fiction Stars 2/5
I still recommend everything written by Iain M. Banks, including this book. However, this is probably the “least good” of his Culture novels. It has its high-points, but I could argue about something in every chapter. He just didn’t give this one the thought he gave previous novels.

The Windup Girl: Paolo Bacigalupi
    Genre: Science Fiction Stars 4/5
Paolo previously gave us a Steampunk novel, this isn’t one of those. His love of period pieces is clear in the development of 1970’s Thailand, in the future. As long as you understand that a lot of the “future history” constructed is to get you back to Pre-industrial Thai, well, it gets you there. The science fiction takes a point in our future not terribly far from today, and posits some interesting possibles. Absolutely solid science fiction. Very much worth reading, I recommend it solidly.

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