Excitement of Contract Work

I really can’t complain, we’ve kept the contract with MDA going for over 4 years. Amazing. If you know anything about Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants, it is a tough sell to get a Phase I to Phase II to Phase III. There are transitional steps, optional steps, and lots and lots of paper being generated. I’m pretty proud of winning so many of these grants. Yes, that is in large part to a team of professionals who are all extremely talented.

However, due to … I don’t know exactly, but due to something, we missed getting a sponsor for a Phase II transition. I worked extremely hard at that this summer, and was fairly confident that we had rounded up three good candidates. Frankly, that was the money that would keep us going for 6 months while we garnered either Title 3 funds or a Phase II for my current Phase I.

So, no big secret, I’m looking for work. Unlike many of my fellow mad scientists, I have neglected the PhD part of my education and therefor am unable to escape to a small central university and take up teaching the minions. Very big bummer.

SO, well, at least I know this website fits in my briefcase.

Just to tell everyone, I expect to keep blogging, but I have had much less time the last month. The Phase I I am working on was supposed to be a 6 month project. Given the funds limitations, we are finishing it in less than … well a month. So, since I am the primary software provider for this project, I’m working some long hours. (and looking for work on the side.)

Excitement, adventure, the working world. Luckily the co-workers are setting rocket fuel on fire with high voltages and a decent current. Should make the days go faster…or set the building on fire, but who knows? Like the picture below, I’m fine and enjoying myself…just busy.

I missed Dragon Con 2011

I missed Dragon con and was stuck here talking to myself like a chatbot. Send me your stories and pictures, or I will be forced to pry them from your cold dead fingers… or vocal cords or something. Maybe I know a good necromancer…

Cute post in IEEE – two chatbots talking to each other. You have to remember that the goal of the competition is to prove that the other person on the line is a human or a computer. If a human is convinced that your computer is a human, that is a a Turing equivalent program/machine.

So here is two chatbots in a fight to the death, the winner gets to be a human…or a unicorn or something.