Long Week of Interesting Links

Sorry to be posting so irregularly, but life has gotten busy. Lots of job interviews and about half way through the novel. Moving along nicely some days.

A couple things to think about.
1) I really could use a viking ship

2) A cool article with lots of Easter Island links on Mental Floss. Yeah, I knew they had bodies and hats, but I had forgotten a bit just how big the things are, and how cool it all is.

Easter Island Moai

Something a bit off the fun track, the EPA is working to institute some rules to essentially make coal burning much harder. The rules will include CO2 limits on coal burning… Look, this is crazy. They have created this concept called “clean coal” which I could get behind, but they are requiring existing plants to all have this technology added. They know it can’t be done, so they are expecting to shut down more than 10% of the US generation capability, with nothing NOTHING prepared to take up the slack.

Why? because of Global Warming. They believe that they can become climate heroes by stopping the generation of 1% of the worlds CO2. They will probably get a noble prize for Useful Idiocy.

The Fact is, no power has a level playing field. Coal has a lot of history which makes it considerably cheaper to mine (long developed technology), transport (US developed its train system around transporting coal), and burn (most plants developed under wartime bonds.) Coal is INTENTIONALLY the cheapest power on the planet. It is a great way to get a country off the ground…we should probably switch to nuclear now. Solar or Wind? Might be effective for small scale commercial and residential needs in some areas, but unlikely to handle any piece of industrial needs.

Coal, Oil, Nuclear … these are intense sources of power we need to remain competitive…and other countries need to stay alive. Making coal pay more, ok, so that just costs me money. Right now, there are a lot of people who are in worse shape than I am … and I am unemployed. I can’t see that this is a good time to double our power bills.

Double? Yeah, don’t fool yourselves, when they talk about a small tax, they know better. They are trying to raise the inherent costs of Coal by at least 20% (carbon tax) to as much as 200% (carbon sequestration.) Assuming some mix of these costs get applied this year, we will be paying double by January. To keep out the rolling blackouts, we will move to a Natural Gas economy, then likely nuclear, as carbon sequestration hasn’t been tested or approved for general use. Over the next decade, we’ll all be paying closer to .25 per kw hour, (it would be $1.00 if they got to use solar) so expect an average home (2000 kwh/month) to be costing $500/month utility bill.

Its for the environment! no, it isn’t. It will generate a huge income for the new global energy elite. They don’t love us, or the environment, they just want our money.

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