The Displaced Detective

Stephanie Osborn has come out with a new series. At Speed just showed up on the shelves, electronic shelves, and I bought that for my Nook. (I see less and less of the bookstore these days.) 

Now, as a point of conflict, I know Stephanie personally. She is one of the Huntsville locals, and part of the Science/Sci Fi team which includes several PhD physicists, including (TV’s Redneck Rocket Scientist) Travis Taylor and a few of us notables (multiple science degrees 15+ years experience). Simply said, I’ve known her for years. But, this is an honest review because she asked for it.

Super short review: Good novels. Science is reasonable. Character interactions are excellent. Worth the price.

Long Review: While I enjoyed Burnout (Steph’s first novel), her development of inter-personal relationships has grown immensely. I’m not a fan of romance, but her characters choked me up on a few occasions. Good stuff. This is NOT a military sci-fi. This is a spy novel, using the two-person mystery solving team, in a modern setting, with strong romance and science fiction elements. Sci Fi/ Mystery/Romance

The science involves development of a multi-dimensional object, which effectively forms gates across time or alternate dimensions. Feel free to argue her tesseract math, it is reasonably sound given the concepts she outlined in her book. Even more so, this is a major project with all the trappings of real-world science. (including paperwork.) Yes, the science is as accurate as anything in science fiction. (I know, low bar.) 

Frankly, her most reasonable science for the amateur is medicine. Look, I absolutely hate a hero who runs a marathon with a bullet in his lung. Come on, a broken wrist is a show-stopper. Ribs? ok, I’ve run and fought with displaced ribs, but it hurts and recovery was months. She takes beatings seriously, no teflon skin or magic internal organs. As a man who takes damage for a hobby, I really appreciated her medicine.
Her one dime-store aspect: Sherlock Holmes is real. But hey, infinite possibilities and writers receiving inspiration from them is a science fiction tradition (Certainly since Heinlein and Number of the Beast).
The character of Holmes, and Chadwick are well developed and make an interesting pair. Frankly, most of the characters are given a decent treatment, but there are rafts of them, Colorado Springs itself is one of them. I love the area, may move there myself someday, and she treats it very well. I think I fell in love with her ranch, and wouldn’t mind spending a few more days there. 

Honestly, the series feels complete in two volumes. However, I would shell out the cash to follow the characters around for a few more days of mystery solving. Good Novels, worth the read.

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  1. There are two more books in the editing pipeline, and 3 more being written. (More banging around my head.) This is a universe in which I could write for a very long time, and I hope readers will WANT to come along for the ride.

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