We survived YU55 !

This radar image of asteroid 2005 YU55 was obtained on Nov. 7, 2011, at 11:45 a.m. PST

Near miss yesterday from YU55. It missed us by 200,000 miles. It is a good thing that YU55 was going to miss us anyway, cause there not dang much we could have done about it. If it hit the Earth, well, we would all be dead. Pretty much everything would be dead. It would very likely kill every living thing on the planet and most of the ocean-based life. Sure, plants are pretty good at surviving firestormes, after a few centuries the Earth would be green and blue again… Fish, trees, and bugs. I wouldn’t bet on anything else. Sure, last time rats made it through (or some kinda weasel thingy, but a rat) and somehow birds got through. Maybe they’ll go two for two. People, yeah, um… notsomuch.

Nah, in reality the universe performed the first comet strike as a “Made for TV” moment where a weasel took an egg into the depths of the caves looking for shelter from dinosaurs, after the explosion he was too shocked to eat the egg, and suddenly it hatched! They had a wacky friendship that resulted in the unlikely event of repopulating the earth… ok, two caves – one with the girls and one with the boys… oh oh, I can’t forget the wacky GAY weasel … ok, horribly idea for movie. (They already did it, didn’t they.)

I thing this JPL production is a little weak on plot, but a lot more watchable than a gay weasel.

3 thoughts on “We survived YU55 !”

  1. Ahh,
    But Hawk!
    What if the Gay weasel cohabited with the three-eyed fish from the Argentine nuclear power plant?
    Hijinks ensue…

    Yours in script writing science,
    Dr. DNA

  2. Wow. The… words escape me.

    That the next evolutionary step is now clear to me is a revelation. Clearly, gayness will now be herediary (not homosexuality, but TV trope style flaming behavior.) … a superior species of gay three-eyed weaselfish will take over the world with their evil ways and good fashion sense…possibly sensible shoes.

    However, despite that, I don’t think “gayer than a three-eyed weaselfish” will catch on as a catch phrase, even in that distant but well-decorated future. Still, it makes you think, doesn’t it? (I don’t know about what, but think.)

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