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Hey Everyone, I just found Steven’s Point Brewery and I am a happy man.
Point – Saint Benedict’s Winter Ale

Point St. Benedict’s Winter Ale
As a short story, I bought a perfectly good stout Friday night, but I honestly wasn’t happy with it. I just wasn’t in the mood for a stout by the time I got it home. I went to Earthfare today, looking for something new. I found Point.

I haven’t examined their line, and St. Benedict’s may be a rare good beer, or the standard. First off, it is far more pale than the average “winter ale.” Most of those have been at least pitch black, sometimes darker. This is red. Maybe a touch chocolate of red, but hold it up to the light and you get ruby.

Looks: Beautiful. Somewhere around a pale chocolate looking down. Red with the light behind it.

Smell: Not much, I’d knock it a couple points for a lack of aroma. I haven’t used Cluster hops before, but I don’t get much hop on the aroma. Ok, didn’t get anything but a faint “spicy sweet” smell. Yeah, If you want a pro review, go to Beer Advocate.

Taste: wow. This is what a red should be. (What I remember Killian’s tasting like when I was a newbie.) It is very sweet and malty, with enough spice flavor to balance. Finish is clean, you can drink it all night without getting tired of it. Loved it.

Now, apparantly Wisconsin doesn’t care for Point, but they are now shipping it around. I’ll probably check out a few in the future. Maybe it will suck, maybe it will be great, but definitely hit the spot tonight.

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