It has been a strange year, and I appreciate my readers, and my co-contributors, for sticking it out with me. We started last year on a good note. I had funding, my wife had a job, I had a rockin’ Christmas.  This year, not so much. I don’t have funding, my wife can’t get full time, and Christmas was nice, but quiet. Last March I went to Gulf Wars and had a great time, I think. I was planning on reporting my war stories when I got back. I had to run to a conference, but by the time I unpacked, things had gone weird. Last April was Tornado alley here in Huntsville.

After April things have gone a bit off. I had a decent amount of property damage and lost income from two weeks without power. I got a bit more time to think and be with my wife. I really call those good days, but they were a bit unsettling at the time.

There was the (now usual) hype that any bad weather is global climate change. Again, I’m stealing images from wattsupwiththat which they stole from noaa.

Of course that ends in 2010, in 2011 we had 84 events,which doesn’t make the 1974 record, but is definitely in second place. Twice as many as an average year, and about all that increase in my back yard. There is still evidence everywhere of the tragedy. Buildings which haven’t been rebuilt, fences propped up with boards, and whole swaths of trees missing. Driving north on Wall-Triana, there are these gaps, like someone decided to put in power lines, and bulldozed a swath a hundred yards wide and miles long. Houses there haven’t been rebuilt. In some cases, there is no owner left to do the rebuilding. In most cases, the owner has decided to move out of the tornado alley. I can’t blame them.

I’m looking for more contributors to this site. If you are interested, email me, or comment on this post. Thanks.

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