Really, not good news

Putin Pledges 400 ICBMs for Russia in Ten Years

These missiles are designed to be difficult for modern anti-missile systems to target. They deploy four to ten independent rocket bombs which go after pre-programmed targets. Very hard to stop. So when they say 400 missiles, they mean between 1600 and 4000 targets for 550 kiloton bombs.

But, hey, this isn’t the worst part. No? The worst part is that Russia plans on launching more than 10 military satellites a year. Some of those will just be the usual cameras, no big deal. A lot of them will be weapons. They’ve been slow in getting “space superiority” but they will board and ride that train asap.

Enjoy looking up in the future. The US was ahead on the space race, was ahead on the moon race, was a super power for all of my life. Despite what people have said about “American Imperialism,” I think the US has done pretty well for its neighbors. Sure, Iran still holds a grudge, but that was more than forty years ago.

Russian Imperialism is more like standing your political opponents against the wall and shooting them in the head. Techniques still practiced in Russia.

Chinese Imperialism is on display in Tibet and more gently in Hong Kong. We’ll see how they look when they are landing people on the moon. Speaking of which – Les Johnson has a book out, I’ll review it next time.

Another Busy Week

I’ve accepted a position with RE-Labs, as Business Development Manager. This has involved a stretch of research into neutron upset and testing. Research into Research… ok, so I read a stack of papers as thick as your head. The modern age has let me do that relaxing in my armchair sipping coffee and being pestered by my dogs, but it beats the office so hard it doesn’t even show up on the same page.

So, now I’m even more of a font of information on testing. If you are interested in turning your diamonds yellow, causing your optical devices to fail, or want a single event effect test on your device, rates are as low as $400 an hour.

For the biology people, this probably isn’t a good source. Maybe Dr. DNA will think of something biological, it really isn’t my field. It will generate sterilization to levels of purity unknown outside of deep space.. Small exposures may have interesting effects on sample tissues, but I wouldn’t look for small spot size experiments.

For the electronics parts people, this is amazing. You could run a laptop in this beam, with an effectively even spread of dose. I’ll get the dose vs. depth worked out this week, but the source is 33 cm wide. Extremely sweet. At a good rate of a billion (1e9) neutrons per cm2/s, you can get a complete upset check in about an hour. Full characterization could take longer, but multiple parts can be run simultaneously.

A lot of work needs to be done still, so I best get at it. Not a lot of pretty pictures generated yet, so I’d better get at that as well. Thanks for your patience, I’ll be back to discuss something more fun soon. (or do Irish History teasers for The Broken Man.)

Looking for an Agent

 Sorry folks, but this has been a very busy couple of weeks for me. I taught a class on Catalan history last weekend. I have my book through second draft and I am looking for an agent. I have been working on finishing some edits for the HEART conference which were due last Friday. I’ve been working on a role-playing game that will be published in June. And, I have been looking for work. Some of the “sure things” just don’t seem to be sure things, so I have looked for some more unusual paths.

Folks, it has been a busy year. Thank you for your prayers or best wishes. I hope everyone has a good year. I’ll start putting out some story bits the next few weeks.
Take care,