Back to the Moon

Back to the Moon

Les Johnson is a good friend of mine. He writes a fine novel. This is science fiction of a solid style. I am never satisfied with the magic crystals most authors try to pass off as science. This is reliable tech from a pair of rocket scientists.To be honest, I worked on some of the items used in this novel…and cried that those projects were canceled. Otherwise, this novel would be true-to-science of around 2020 – the near future.  

What kind of book is it? If you’ve ever read a Jack McDevitt novel, you’ll recognize his “What else can go wrong?” style of science fiction. Basically, if it can go wrong, it does. It seems like a crazy mix of problems and problem solving, but it keeps your brain going. I like the characters and motivations, but it really is a book about people climbing the biggest mountain, the Moon, just because it is there.

Do they get home? Do they all die? Read the book.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Moon”

  1. Hawk,
    I’ve got his book!
    Les even signed it when I saw his lecture over at FenCon last September at DFW! (Well, hey we mad scientists have got to stick together and support each other in these troubling economic times!) It was a rousing read! However I would have just chucked the crazy Chinese dude with the gun out of the airlock, and saved the rest of them a whole lot of grief but then again I’m EVIL, baby!!! (and that’s just how I roll!)

    On a more cheerful note, Tom, my #1 minion and future ruler of Australia wishes to offer you congratulations on your new position! He cordially invites you and Monica to come Down Under once he is settled in and he will throw another shrimp on the barbie for you and yours!

    I am just wrapping up here, and wanted to wish you all a hopefully safe weekend. It sounds like you are getting all of our crazy weather!
    Best wishes, and don’t blow away!
    Yours in Weekend Science,
    Dr. DNA

  2. Seriously, crazy chinese guy? I’d a let him do his own spacewalk asap.

    Thanks for the congradulations, hopefully I’ll be rolling in dough soon.

    Yeah, the weather is bad today. Drinking beer, feeling fine. See you soon.

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