Greetings from Alaska

Greetings fellow Mad Scientists – and those who just like to pretend on Wednesday afternoons. I am visiting the great state of Alaska, one small portion of it at least. If you weren’t aware, Alaska is durn big. I landed in Fairbanks Saturday night, spent Sunday hiking around the woods, and headed out to the military base I’m currently auditing.

This is an engineering audit, which is pretty exciting. We’re examining interesting ways for our opponents to kill us, and interesting ways to not get killed. The mad scientist gets to cut loose with wacky ideas – which would be literally shot down in real life. I am having a great time.

Now Alaska is gorgeous in Summer. I recommend everyone come out here. They have woods as far as the eye can see. Fishing, hunting, and adventure sports as close as your back door, depending on where you end up staying. (My co-worker -if he had a gun in his hand first thing in the morning – could have shot a moose in his pajamas…no word about how the moose got into his pajamas.)

I’ve really enjoyed the people I’ve met here. They are a great bunch. I really can’t complain.

Do I have any Mad Science notes to share? No. I can’t talk about work, but I can tell you that most of the “wacky ideas” I come up with… we are taking them into account. This place is amazingly well defended, not the least by hundreds of miles of bloody well nothing.

Global warming – Green Energy

I’d like to take a second for a second subject. Everyone likes green energy and some things just make sense, like burning biomass. Reports in the Wall Street Journal – subscription required – show that this isn’t the case. When we talk about a “new green fuel source” it appears that we are only talking about “less CO2.”

Look friends and neighbors. CO2 isn’t really a big problem. Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide, NOX, particle pollutants and other things are. The green movement is now calling dirty (biomass) clean and clean (natural gas) dirty. They’ve gotten so twisted around that they really don’t understand what hurts the environment, only that they have been told to fight.  Burning biomass is a dirty business because we don’t have good controls on the chemical content of the materials and they burn at a low temperature. That causes a lot of problems with the output. Coal is a lot cleaner, burns hotter, and we can scrub the excess sulfer. Natural gas burns well and has low sulfur content. The fear factor around fracking is complete junk – as far as the evidence currently available. (Not judging future evidence until it shows up.)

Just sayin’ – look at the evidence before you jump on the bandwagon, sometimes the activists are just plain wrong.

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the prttey shots. When you said you can actually see them, I was thinking of clear skies and summer fog. You had to remind me that you live in the land of the midnight sun. I have never been there, you know. Of course, I just needed a reminder. Ken and KC were here to have venison serloin and wild rice and other stuff pumpkin pie. It was quite nice. We even talked over some business. God bless you both this year, and I’m sure he will after all the people you both made happy, fans too, when you made your long trek. Love you both. Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2013 09:28:32 +0000 To:

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