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I actually haven’t been drinking much this week, but I figured I should catch up from last weeks … um … test schedule. I TESTED Sam Adams Octoberfest and Imperial White. Yeah, they have out Octoberfest in August…

Is Octoberfest better than Boston Lager ? … no, not really. It is a nice “lawnmower” beer. Maybe a good transitional beer. So, if you have a buddy who never drank nothing but Bud or Miller, but was willing to upgrade for Octoberfest, then this beer is a good transitional. I’d rather it had a bit more… something. It isn’t hoppy, it isn’t malty, it has a nice flavor and a nice odor, it is easy to drink. I guess I just expected more from Sam.

Imperial White is a LOT more. The mouth feel is BITE. Not a drinking beer, definitely a sipping beer. At 9% alcohol it would probably kill you in any case, but it wouldn’t be enjoyable to chug it. Lots of malt, sufficient hop to cut the malt, and a lot of FLAVOR. In a crappy Belgian White, this is a mouth burn in a dry beer, relatively unpleasant to drink – which is common in a lot of these beers. There is enough malt to smooth out the bite, so it is interesting to drink. Not going to be one of my favorite beers, but I was very pleased to try a beer that was this different to drink.

Almost picked up a 6-pack of Sam Adams I didn’t recognise, nearly got it to the register before I realized that they had bottled a SHANDY! Holy Crap, don’t they know that shandy is a waste of good lemonade and good beer! Both are very drinkable things, but if you mix them together by mistake, pour it down the drain. Yeah, I know Brits love Shandy and Germans mix with Cola… Lucky they are athiests, because God would not look kindly on their poor lost souls.

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  1. Ok, minor update on all of the above.
    Octoberfest is better than Boston Lager, we did a head-to-head and I did like the Octoberfest better. The Dunkleweisen is good. The Hazel Brown is a fine beer. The pumpkin ale is the best pumpkin ale I’ve ever tasted… I thought about pouring it down the sink for about 15 minutes before finishing it. The second one is going to sit in my fridge until I find someone with no taste buds. the Lat 48 is an IPA. What can I say? I’m a hop head, but there are more IPA on the market than I can count right now, it isn’t in the top 10.

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