Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers

This is so cute. They have built a 4-qbit computer to do a simple factoring task. Reducing a number to a factor of its primes. In the future, they intend to have 128-Qbit machines that generate huge primes – and remove them – for encryption.

Right now, a 4-bit machine can do 3X5 with 50/50 precision. Basically, they had to write a mathematical method that would let a 4-bit machine do anything. The code they were running is roughly 50/50 on finding a prime, so the toy computer performed as it was supposed to. It did a simple job fast with appropriate accuracy.

Lets double this every 6 months – 8,16; 32,64 ; 128 … 2 years 6 months till they  have a 128 bit quantum encryption machine. Anyone want to lay bets against Moore’s Law? I’m picking a “newspaper roll out date” of January 2015. I’ll put 10 bucks on it if anyone wants to postulate a different date.

BTW: I was watching Blade Runner last night. I hadn’t remembered that it was set in November 2019. Lets get cracking, I need me a couple replicants and a flying car! 


Second BTW: Fifth Element and Blade Runner in the same night? What is SyFy thinking? It is almost like they are having a relapse. I tuned in at 4 am and they were playing Battlestar Galactica. Really? Are you back to Science Fiction this week? Its like having a cheating spouse. 

“Sure, you’ve changed your ways. Lets see how long it takes you to go back to your professional wrestlers.”

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