The Engineer’s Baby – Bottles

I wasn’t going to get interested in specific products, but you might as well know what I’ve found out. The new Wide-mouth bottles have advantages…but more problems than advantages.

This is a comparison between Tommy Tippee and Dr. Brown, two top of the line bottles. Both of them have air-control inserts to reduce gas/colic. They are overall good products. Baby bottles now come in two different sizes. I don’t mean how much they hold, but how big the diameter of their mouth is. Tommy Tippee’s are wide, Dr. Browns are normal.

Tommy Bottles

They are easy to fill, the scoops fit in the hole. This is really only an effect if you are mixing dry formula in the bottle. I am.

They are more like natural nipples than small bottles. If you are only feeding the kid from artificial sources, this is supposed to be better for development. If you are feeding the kid from multiple sources, it gets more complicated.

They essentially teach kids to chew on nipples to tell the difference between Mama and Plastic. It makes a difference on how they drink, so they have to have a method. Normal bottles are a lot different than the wide mouth bottles, the kid doesn’t seem to have much problem figuring it out. Bottles have a lot higher rate of flow than breasts, so the kid will drown herself if she isn’t paying attention. (Baby D manages to breathe and drink at least once a feeding. A bit aggravating.)

The new nipple design pulls away from the side of the bottle when the kid chews… all my clothes smelled like milk anyway, but I want a higher percentage of milk in the baby than on my shirt. So we’re going back to Dr. Browns.

Dang it, I’ve got great new pictures of the kid looking at fish in the Tennessee Aquarium…can’t get them onto this computer.  Here is a stolen shot from somebody’s vacation. Love the TN Aq… expensive but a nice place to visit.

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