Water Bears are Space Aliens !!!

Stephanie was sending this around, in between advertising her newest book, (speaking of space aliens and UFOs) so I figured I had to try it out. Oh, read the Displaced Detective series, good books.

It is probable, 99.76% positive, that the title of this blog post is as much a lie as my statistics. But take a look at that thing! Space Alien! Ok, so it is only a mm long. Well, maybe it won’t take over the world…wait…it already lives everywhere…ok, it took over the world. This little … Bug? … is the most highly evolved survivor seen yet. It can hybernate through Outer Space. Amazing… and a little bit frightning.

I seriously want to praise the scientist featured here, he didn’t “sex up” the Tardigrades in any way. An amazing achievement for a scientist these days.

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