January – The Lost Month

Ok, so I finally worked out that I have only a limited number of days in a week & hours in a day. I’m working a full-time job, a part-time job, studying two forms of martial arts, trying to get a book published, getting a game re-written, and raising a baby. Turns out that my day ran out of hours to update my blog. – SORRY-

Ok, some news though. I am a guest at Dragon Con for 2013! What does this mean? Hell if I know.  Wait, now I remember. I should do some mad scientist stuff, probably pour a new award for “The Casey and Andy Mad Science Award” also called the “Fools I’ll destroy you all” award.

But I’ll need ideas. Most every idea I’ve ever had came from somebody else. I just process them well. We’ve given awards to: Arc Attack, The Mythbusters Build Team, The Steampunk Workshop, and Sluggy Freelance.

I’ve had presentations on everything under the sun. Heck, this year I’m going to the Interstellar Workshop…so ideas under other suns. Folks, please comment, call me, email. I can use the ideas. If you want to hear about something on stage, I’ll do the research, but I don’t know what people are interested in until I hear from you.

No, I can’t talk about my work. Just assume that if I get a question involving incoming our outgoing ballistic assets from this country I’m just gonna say something like: “I can neither confirm nor deny…etc.”

Not like I’m some big wheel in spook country. Frankly I don’t know much of nothing about anything important that isn’t released to the public (or calculable from basic principles with good codes.) But the security arm takes a dim view of anyone who blabs about these things. I don’t like my job, but I LOVE my paycheck.

Short List of Interesting Topics: Whatever Comes up at Interstellar Workshop, Whatever Comes up at HEART in the unclassified sessions, IGRIS neutron detectors & MCNP calculations, Quantum Fingerprint Detectors … Maybe I’ll just combine a few of those and talk about detectors. Heck, nobody has seen my Space Environments class in years, it is worth a whole day. (In the real world, not just Dragon Con.)

The Engineer’s Baby – Work

The holidays were awesome. I got to spend a lot of time with my baby, my wife, my other kids. The relatives visiting was good as well, though I must admit I prefer to have more quiet time over the holidays. I’ll have to get a picture of my dad in the Dwarf Beard helmet, that was funny.

Is it good to be back at work? Not even slightly. If I could cash in this job to play house husband all year, absolutely in a second. When I was 18 that would have killed me, I was sure I was destined to become an astronaut, nobel-prize winning physicist, martial arts champion, and I just wouldn’t have time to “play house” while my TV career was gearing up.

Turns out, there really isn’t a job like that. It isn’t that I can’t name an astronaut, its just that it is just a job, like any other. I found out that I just wanted to visit space, like I wanted to visit Alaska. It will have to remain on my bucket-list for a few more years, doesn’t look like there are a lot of opportunities right now, even for astronauts.

Nobel-prizes winning physicist… well… I’m pretty far from a research position. I love research, so I wouldn’t complain of getting into that race again, but it isn’t really anything more than working on a field all your life, which I’m already doing. I’ve nothing but respect for the Nobel prize winners, but I have come to feel that the 5 years I did spend in research were probably not the best spent of my life. I may not want to change that, but I’m glad I didn’t end up with a second 5 years doing more of those 24 hour working days.

I’ve done the martial arts champion route. I’ve competed in a lot of forms of combat and I’ve been a champion in rapier. Its been a few years, but I like teaching, it has been a good hobby. I’ll always recommend to anyone to go into martial arts, whatever form.

I guess it would still be fun to be on TV, but the gold has faded on those dreams. Being on TV makes you more famous, but it doesn’t “DO” anything. I’ve become a person who likes getting things done.

Raising a baby is doing stuff, pretty much all day long. Yes, it is a bit repetative, but it feels worthwhile. Feed the baby, play with the baby, let her play by herself for a while so that you can get the housework done. I suppose of all the jobs I could do, raising the baby is my favorite. Sure, I get to work in some interesting fields, but I’d give it up to spend more time at home. I guess I’ll start working on my next novel, maybe being an author will work out for me someday.