A Serious Note

As I head off to a few days vacation, it is important to remember a few words.
“I can neither confirm nor deny any aspect of that program.” 
Not very exciting words? Well, for a man in my business – like tens of thousands of men and women in this field – those are the only words you will hear me say about the missile program.
I may play the mad scientist on the stage, but you would have to be crazy to tell a room full of possible foreign persons a single detail about our strategic position.
Here’s a reminder not to tell your foreign lover national secrets
So, he  thought he could trust his girlfriend…well… sure, we all do. We want to impress people with how important we are to national security/the space program/Life, the Universe, and Everything.
Really, and I mean this, none of us are particularly important. Sure, the president will be the guy pushing the proverbial button to start a war (or finish it,) But the decisions on all aspects of running that war were made in committee meetings, sub-committee meetings, and small offices all around the United States. The missiles have a hundred hands on them and were designed by thousands of people. Sure, a lot of people can get to Top Secret material, but that doesn’t make you important – only a danger to your country.


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