The Engineer’s Baby – Daddy’s Little Girl

You see yourself in your kids, there is no way not to. The older they get, I have a 22 year old and a 17 year old, the more they “talk like you.” Baby D doesn’t talk for much, she has “mamamamama” pretty well down and can get out “BawBaw” for bottle. But she isn’t much of a conversationalist. Today her word was “MMMMMM.” What did it mean? Whatever she wanted it to at that moment. She was trying to join in the conversation, but just yelled “MMM” when she wanted our attention, or thought Snoopy wasn’t playing fair. (He’s a stuffed animal, but has a tendency to escape under the bouncy chair.) Still, I think I know what she is saying when she looks at me and goes “MMMM.”  I just know what I’d be saying and it seems to work ok.

SO – some useful knowledge for you.
At 7 months, the Baby Einstein stuff is the bomb. She loves the music. The bouncy chair & play area is getting her out of her mother’s arms for hours at a time. She has a TV remote, I think it is Baby Einstein as well. Looks like their stuff. In any case, bouncy chairs and musical buttons win.

Getting her to sleep at night hit a rough patch. Cold weather and sinuses make us all wake up coughing, and she has dialed back her mornings from 7 am to 5 am. I feed her and put her down, only to have to wake up “The Boy” and later “The Wife.” I get no sleep at all. 

The picture? Well, I was supposed to send in a head-shot to a convention and … I suppose I was addled by sinus medication. Sadly enough, it does look a lot like me. (I still have more hair, but not a lot more.) 


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