Evil Geniuses for a Better Tommorrow (EGBT) – Dragon Con 2013

Dr. DNA has suggested an Evil Projects… sort of a science fair for the EGBT inclined. I’m going to spend some time working on a brain in a jar.

Also may help him produce his DNA mixer – and margaritta maker. I think it produces a Pandagator if used properly…and an alcoholic beverage. My Brain in a Jar will show how good life after the de-body process can be. I hope I still have my artist on this, some latex work will be necessary that might be beyond my simple skills.  I can make some awards for the best evil project.

3 thoughts on “Evil Geniuses for a Better Tommorrow (EGBT) – Dragon Con 2013”

  1. Hawk,
    Haven’t forgotten you or EGBT, just have been busy doing the last minute push for the semester and wrangling toxic,decomposing chemicals out of the Chemistry lab. I Like the Brain in a Jar Idea; I like the DNA recombinator/Margarita maker even better! (Remember to flush the chamber to clean out the device when switching functions! If you don’t, either your guests will start sprouting extra appendages from the recombinant DNA-laced margaritas, or you will end up with horribly hung-over chimeric creatures! Frankly, I do not know which prospect is more terrifying!)

    I must get going as I have to head over to Ardmore. Am hoping to come down again to Nashville in Late May. The last trip was productive in that we got the pear wine finally bottled. Let me know what your schedule is for those weekends and maybe we can hook up and make plans!

    Yours in toxic Lab science,
    Dr. DNA.

  2. Hawk,
    Just got through cleaning up the big storeroom in the Chemistry lab. Would you like a 1 pound Jar of Asbestos fiber? Or ten pounds of Mercuric oxide? How about a little sugar of Lead in your coffee? (Lead Nitrate to the uninitiated, called that because 19th century chemists reported that it tasted sweet, Not surprisingly, 19th century chemists died like flies! Coincidence? I think not!)If it was not for the fact that dropping one of these containers would mean instant Superfund site, we could hand this stuff out as prizes at the EGBT Science fair! (Or least douse Jonny X over the head with it if he got to be too obnoxious!)

    Bad news! Anyways, I must get going back to my parents. My dad and brother had to take Mom down to the hbospital for her coughing, and it appears that she has pneumonia.
    will keep you apprised of the situation.
    Yours in Toxic lab science.
    Dr. DNA.

  3. I just occurred to me that I (ok Jimmy) has a barrel of nitric acid in his garage. With some ethanol we could build some fun experiments. (or die, that would be a possibility, you mentioned chemistry majors and short life spans.)

    I think I have a good idea of the parts to your DNA Mixer. So far it is a bit expensive…the mixer runs a lot… the “cook box” runs a few as well. Add some art and it might cost about $300. Cheap compared to my brain in a jar, but still a rough buy.

    Still looking for a cheap fishbowl for the brain itself, the wife-in-chief thinks we don’t need a fishbowl in the house…ok, probably right. I need a spare house for my projects.

    Sorry to hear about your mom. I am happy that my parents remain in good health. I better appreciate them while I’ve got them.

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