Summer Convention Schedule

Phoenix LogoAlabama Phoenix Festival – May 24 – 26 – Birmingham Alabama.

I know some of my friends will be here, so I may go ahead and show up. I originally was going to be in Alaska, but once that trip was canceled, I was happy to help out. They got me signed up for all sorts of things -some panels, some games, maybe a show, but now I’m apparently down to running one game when the schedule permits, probably not Saturday. Lets be honest, at this point I’d rather not go. If I wasn’t going to be hanging out with Zen… I might not bother. There is an SCA event that weekend and I’d rather cook breakfast for 200 people than be bored in a hotel.

If somebody is going and has a decent reason I should be there, ping me or something. Otherwise I think I’ll make other plans. I had a good time at SCI FI SUMMER CON Atlanta, so maybe I’ll try them again. Worth thinking about.

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