Hawk’s Beer and Movie Reviews (Yea!)

Good Monday to you all and I hope you had a happy Mother’s day. (Ok, for those of us who are guys, if we survived without major damage we’re in luck.) For me, it was a couple movies, a play, skipping fighter practice, and generally getting up with the baby. (And sleeping a bit in the recliner, for which my back may not forgive me.)

The Play was Alice in Wonderland. I want to congratulate Bob Jones of Madison Alabama for a wonderful play. My son had a relatively obscure part manning a projector under the stage, though he also helped in building the set. I’m glad he is learning a skill in high school.

Movie Reviews: We rented Looper and went to Iron Man 3.

Loopers: I like the concept of a time travel flick. This one is flawed.

What the F’ is this gun? Can they not find guns in 2030? They have flying motorcycles, but …

1) Don’t kill people in the future, all crime is solved….
(except the story hinges on a murder and burning a house down… in the future.)

2) Don’t kill Loopers in the past, it changes the future. (Except maiming the shit out of them doesn’t apparently have any effects until the most recent 10 seconds.)

3) Killing yourself or dying stupidly causes a restart on the loop, except when it doesn’t.

There was a very cool moment when our hero or villain saves his memories of a past that no longer exists… or changes something. It seems very important, except it stops being important and has no further impact on the story. I guess it was the only way the hero could shoot the woman in the end…but it frankly didn’t get enough explanation for me to figure out before now.

Loopers – sucks. Don’t watch it. Maybe 1 star in 5 or something. I wish I had drunk more beer before the 1/2 way point. I left and went to work on dishes.

Iron Man 3: This is obviously the 4th story featuring Iron Man. If you have missed any of the previous stories, go back and watch before you get to this one. Oddly enough, this is the story where he finally breaks down and tries to figure out where he is going.

The Mandarin. ARRRGH!!!  Ok, all throughout I thought – “This guy talks like a loony liberal leftist from a freaking demonstration. He plays all the tropes without a single worthwhile concept.” Pissed me off. (Turns out, it wasn’t supposed to be so obvious, but it was part of the plot.)

Iron Man Mark 42: When they become available for the general public…wait for the upgrade. This is the freaking Windows 2000 of the armor world. The final battle felt like Tony was using 20 suits of Nerf armor and the villain had somehow picked up the “Iconic Villain Slaying Sword” the hero was supposed to have. Hated the final battle
That said, this is easily the best Iron Man movie. Easily. I loved 1 and was ok with 2. Avengers was amazing, of course, but this was a movie. It was long, it had character development, and you got to know the villains and the heroes. It had surprises and it wasn’t all “pow” “biff” “bam”

Iron Man 3: If you don’t see this movie, there will be no point in having a conversation with you in the future.

Beer : Tried a Milk Stout – Left Hand Nitro. nice beer. Really liked it. So far, I love Left Hand Brewery.

Look at that nice head… I assume they shook the bottle first, I’ve poured four of them without generating a cm of head.

Look, if you’ve never had a milk stout, try one. Different. You may hate it, you may love it. I can’t tell you what you will think, but frankly, they are dark and creamy and full of flavor. Enough palate nonsense for two beers at least. As a milk stout, the only crime of a milk stout is being thin and weak. I’ve had a few of those. Brewers look at the library paste they are supposed to be putting in a bottle and think, “Gosh, we should water this down with a couple pale ales so that folks will drink it.” *WRONG* If it forms much of a head, then they watered it down. Milk stouts have a tiny, thin, foam that doesn’t last. It has a mild hop aroma. it has a strong sweetness that overpowers the malt flavor – but you can smell the chocolate malt they could dump on top of all that lactose sweetness. Tastes sweet with coffee and dirt (chocolate). Good stuff. Oh, the Nitro is 6% alcohol, so it’ll give you a wallop. Might should start at the next one down…but damn it was good.

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