The Eagle Has Landed

A month before my second birthday, man landed on the moon. Yes, I know some people argue that it was faked, but unlike so much science today, it wasn’t. There is an app that I can’t access here –

that lets you experience the landing. A shorter, film version, is below. The one below is plenty tense to me. There is also a couple sims out there that let you try to land yourself.

I’m not bothering to embed the codes, lazy day.

Just remember that three men risked their lives for this. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. Neil died last July, but Buzz and Michael are still with us. We think about how easy it looks, but frankly it was a life or death struggle. You hear them call out a 1201 error – computer malfunction. 1201 means you ain’t getting data. These guys planned on operating through at least 1 abort signal, they wouldn’t quit for just a minor emergency.

I’ve seen all kind of trolling on the moon landings. Just remember that hundreds of people contributed to these things, there could no more be a fake moon landing than you could fake an Appalatian trail walk while visiting your mistress in Venezuela. People aren’t stupid and there are a hundred details you have to get right or it all comes out in the media. Thousands of people have tracked their work on this and it is all consistant. “Bad Astronomy” covers this and other issues, if you are interested.

Frankly, you have to realize that most people who make these comments aren’t actually ignorant. (Ignorant is an old man who had a dream that the magnetic fields would repulse the Voyager and it would come crashing back to Earth. Yes, he believes something that isn’t true, but it doesn’t hurt anyone for him to believe it.) The guy who confronts Buzz to make him swear on the Bible that he walked on the moon isn’t ignorant, he is a troll. He got a well-deserved punch in the nose. Most trolls just want to exploit pain, become famous, or hurt people. When you see people doing that, just ignore them (or punch them in the nose.) Ya’ll have a good day.

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