Black Holes as Dark Matter

Synopsis: Planet Search Finds No Dark Matter Black Holes

This is a traditional “lack of evidence” report, which is consistent with our current knowledge. I.E. no evidence of a ton of little black holes out there. By little I mean “planet or moon massed.” This doesn’t mean that space doesn’t have a lot of those black holes, but not sufficient to replicate the dark matter theories.

Does this kill my “dark matter is black holes” theory? Nope. I was aiming for microscopic black holes. Even a mass of 6e24 kg (earth sized) is a small black hole – about a centimeter across. Yeah. The Schwarzchild Radius RS seems to scale linearly-ish with mass – so something 7 steps of mass smaller than Earth would be 7 steps in size smaller. So the sizes of black holes we are looking for are from 10 micrometers to 10 angstroms. (Yeah, you couldn’t really fit normal light INTO that hole for it to try to escape.  Still, these microscopic black holes would weigh from a low of around a trillion tons to a high of … like a moon.

Think about it. An invisible object – so small that it was literally invisible – would weigh as much as a mountain.

Well, we haven’t found any of those, and I’m not sure how we’d know it if we found them, but if we still need dark matter at the end of the equation of the universe, it is probably hiding out there.

dark matter

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