Climate and Human Civilization

Climate and Human Civilization

I don’t post this as any kind of an argument for or against global warming. This poster by Andy May proports to show the climate throughout human history. I find the map comparison and the dates/climates at those dates very interesting. I hope you are interested as well.

As a bit of perspective – the difference between the last big ice age – glaciers and what-not – and today is only about 9 degrees Celcius. Given what we now call the 0 point, the Ice Age was at -8 degrees C, and we are at present around +0.5. Once, about 125,000 years ago, the temperature went from -8 C to + 3 C and back to -7 C over a period of … it looks like 10 to 20 thousand years. SLOW changes, but pretty dramatic from the human perspective. We’re near a peak, and could be looking at a thousand years of cooling temperatures. (Of course, that could be after a thousand years of rising temperatures. It is hard to figure these 25,000 year cycles as they apply to 18,000 years of human history. I suggest looking at it, it is a very interesting poster.

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