Party Idea for Dragon Con (or some other con)

I am thinking of organizing a Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl party for an up-coming con. Probably Dragon Con, if I can arrange a suite in the Hilton. Tell me what you all think… Obviously there will be a contest for best costume, for both Catgirls and Poolboys. We’ll play some Steve Jackson Games and have a particularly evil punishment for a drink foul. I think I’ll call it a “nuclear party foul.” (reference to Schlock Mercenary Included)

2 thoughts on “Party Idea for Dragon Con (or some other con)”

  1. Hawk,
    I’ll bring the booze! (well at least a good chunk of it!) but you will have to get me an Amazon Ninja Pirate Catgirl of my very own!
    Yours in Nuclear Party Foul Science,
    Dr. DNA

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