Something New – National Novel Writing Month


A lot of you are writers. I’ve seen work from Dr. DNA and many others – but not a lot of them have seen the light of day. Since this is November – and a traditional writing month. I’m suggesting that you all put out samples of your work.

Now, some of us are better than others and more importantly, some of us are published. My good friend Stephanie Osborne is going to treat us to some samples of her published novels, novellas, and possibly a short story. This should be a lot of fun. Given that will drive my hits up and assuming that the website runs to 10’s of thousands of hits a month…do you want your short writing out there? 

I’d be happy to help, and will put out up to 5,000 words of whatever you think you’ve done well. Maybe yes? Maybe No? well, think about it.  Steph is pushing me to put “more stuff out there” … so I’m thinking about it. PurePoison is a couple chapters in, so maybe I’ll think about one of the scenes…

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