Fighting Robots

I got an email from Dr. DNA today. Yeah, I’d seen this. I can’t wait… of course, it will all end in tears, but dang, what fun till it does.
First they clean our floors as cute little roombas,
Then the battle to the death for our amusement on the gladatorial arena,
How long before they link up and overthrow the rule of us decadent meat bags?
I have seen that movie…
…it does NOT end well…
sincerely, yours in giant fighting robot science,

Space Mining

asteroidsCongress Passes the Space Act,411747

Space Mining is now legal.

So, technically, you can go mine your asteroid and bring home the materials for profit. A few small problems:

  1. No spaceship can get to the asteroids right now
  2. No mining ships have even been seriously designed
  3. No fuel depots in space
  4. No customer base for space materials

This is one of those self-squaring circles. Once you have space miners, you’ll need fuel depots, which will need/buy space materials, which it can buy from miners, who it is fueling up to go back ….

Unfortunately, absent A -> B there is not B-> A.

There were some presentations at Dragon Con about this state of affairs and I think they’ll go far. It might take a few years, decades, but I think it will happen. Robotics will lead, robotic miners, water depots. Smelters, metal printers.

The real problem lies in creating a self-sufficient world in orbit. That world can have humans in it, then there will be humans there. We’ll begin to live in space sometime, I hope soon.



Nanowrimo is kicking my butt!


Ok, so like tweeting. Putting 2000 words down on paper is actual work. I’m glad I have a day job. It is hard work writing a novel, hard work doing what I do for a living. Doing both is a bit of an extreme sport. I’ve got to write a paper – work – while writing a horror story – not work. I’m up a creek.

However, as of today I’m pushing 10,000 words. Not a bad total, but only 1/5th of the way to the nanowrimo “win” and only 1/10 of the way to a book. (assuming these un-edited pages were any good at all, they aren’t.)

So, if I keep this up, in 50 days I’ll have a novel. I’ll 7/5 this because I believe in weekends, after November, so just over 2 months … then some editing, lets call it a rough draft in December and an edited first draft that I could send to an editor, at the end of January of February.

Hopefully, by then, I have a word from Baen on “The Broken Man.” I’m a bit tired of how long the line is in their slush pool. I’m 30 novels back, which would take me – professionally reading – about 30 days. Of course, who gets to read professionally… oh yeah, editors on slush piles. hmmm. Ok, so enough of my snarking. I’m going to get back to work.

I’m sorry I’m not sciencing today. I’m definitely scheduled to “science” for a Pie Party this November. Given that my wife has promised a pumpkin pie, well, of course I’m coming. Save me some cool whip! Oh, and a slice of apple too.

Real science thought for the day. We keep assuming that the next generation tech is better than the current one. Why? Where are we wrong?

Always good for a fight.