Fighting Robots

I got an email from Dr. DNA today. Yeah, I’d seen this. I can’t wait… of course, it will all end in tears, but dang, what fun till it does.
First they clean our floors as cute little roombas,
Then the battle to the death for our amusement on the gladatorial arena,
How long before they link up and overthrow the rule of us decadent meat bags?
I have seen that movie…
…it does NOT end well…
sincerely, yours in giant fighting robot science,

2 thoughts on “Fighting Robots”

  1. Hawk,

    Hawk, regretfully there is only one way to defend ourselves from the coming roboapocalypse. We must start a crash course on breeding a race of super bears to fight them! I, myself have come up with such a plan! The ultimate bear will be 1/2 grizzly bear (Ursus horribilus); 1/2 polar bear (Ursus maritimus), and 1/2 short-faced bear (Ursus arctos) from the late Pleistocene This triploid super-bear will mass as much as a Cadillac Escalade, stand at least 5 meters at the shoulder, have a reinforced skull with genetically inserted osteopetrosis alleles (all the better so that maurauding machines cannot punch it out of our bear’s head). My army of growth-accelerated cloned super-bears will be controlled by implanted brain chips, an addiction to pharmacologically enhanced mood-altering honey, and of course, the judicious use of pic-a-nic baskets as bribes! What could possibly go wrong?
    …dead silence…
    …crickets chirping…
    …hmmm, well…

    we could just round up and block off access to all chargers and D-cell batteries first, and see how THAT works first before breaking out the superbears…

    Yours in preparing for the roboapocalypse science,
    Dr. DNA

    1. Dr. DNA,
      You are frightening as always, especially in your use of fractions. My dad laughed at your solution to the robopocalypse. So, we’re not completely insane. I’d like to see, from a distance, the armored warbear. It’d be impressive. I can just see this five ton monstrosity, wearing titanium armor and sporting a cannon across his back. Yeah, that’d be some fun. (Especially if I got some of that funny honey.)
      I’m not likely to be back in TN soon. I spent my fortune and must retreat to my secret lair to conserve resources. I hope to find a few thousand dollars in the cushions of my couch, but, barring that, I’ll have to go earn some more.
      I hope you’re still writing. We’ll just have to start self-publishing if we’ve run off all the respectable book dealers. I’ve spent the month nano ing, more on that later.
      Take care,

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