Global Warming – Rebuttal of Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger has come out for “fighting global warming.” It is pretty apparent that he doesn’t believe the Anthropomorphic side either, which is why he makes his case with “20,000 people die of pollution each year, we should be using electric engines.”

There are 276 MILLION chronically undernourished people in the world. Millions die every year. 3.2 million children. Millions. Not thousands. Millions die of bad water, which could be purified if they only had electric power. But, since they live on less than two dollars a day, they can’t afford electric power. Same with food. Bad water, high cost water, poor soil, low density crops. All things solved with cheap power.


Tens of thousands died, because we turned corn into ethanol. Arnold, which way did you vote on that? Oh, your state is the worst offender on gas requirements. You are part of the problem. Did this help Global Warming? Understand, PEOPLE DIED for this 10% Ethanol Requirement.

Instead of sending money, engineers without borders have been building, mostly solar or natural filter, water purification systems. It isn’t fighting Global Warming, so they don’t get much money. When you send money to dictators, you get a prize and a cool party. Most UN money is wasted this way. Solar can help, wind can help, coal is the biggest help. Coal has lifted millions in China and India out of poverty.


But, lets be honest. You don’t care. You’d rather the excess population died off to leave more of the planet’s resources for your wealthy children. You’d burn trillions of dollars in stupid solar cell companies and wind companies, but deny nuclear power provides reliable base load. You’d let a million children die for your tech project, and call it “Good” if we got a slightly more affordable solar cell. You pretend to care about the environment, because that has been called “Good.”

You don’t care. You think you have “moral authority” and you like to prove it with “Moral signaling” on Facebook. I just want you to know, that on every one of those pictures, I see a hidden, dying, child. You pay for your morality with dead children. Congratulations.

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