North Korea tests a bomb

Obviously, I can’t say anything about what NK did. You can get as much on the news as I can. However, we should talk about how a Nuclear weapon and atomic bomb are done.

It isn’t as simple as stealing a bunch of “radioactive” materials and … boom! That is the good, ole fashioned, dirty bomb.


Frankly, nails do more damage. We can argue, but I’d win. I don’t feel like it today. Any bomb is bad, a “Dirty bomb” isn’t as bad as blowing people’s limbs off.

The reasonable fear we have is from Fission and Fusion bombs. Fission being the simpler, or Atomic Bomb. One simply holds two near-critical masses of Uranium close together and the critical mass generates heat. Hold it close enough, long enough, you have a bomb. (the techniques are well established, but very difficult to master.)


The United States, of course, has mastered them.

NK is claiming it produced a Thermo-Nuclear event. This means it heated Tritium, or Deuterium Tritium mix, to fusion temperatures. A Fusion bomb can be much larger than a fission bomb. Thousands of times larger. Or, they found a cool word in the dictionary, that they thought was a synonym for Atomic Bomb, and decided to use it.

Look ignorance is on both sides. We (US, SK, and China reported numbers) measure nuclear events with a seismic detector. An American reporter announced this reported event as an earthquake detected near the test site… I’m sure he can do traffic and weather together every hour, so he’s better than 90% of the public, but most people are ignorant of nuclear matters.


I’m not sure the NK “reporter” is much better.

Sure, a bomb in the hands of a crazy person is scary. NK is a scary place. Still, this wasn’t anything new or particularly interesting. Imperious Leader just figured that he had been out of the news too long. He needed to break the ISIS ISIS ISIS refrain. Heck, he didn’t know that Obama had already pivoted back to Gun Control. I doubt he’ll get as much time on the 6 pm news as Terry McAuliffe, my anti-gun governor.


Maybe you should focus on Knife control.–and-seaport/2016/01/04/f062e9ca-b2ea-11e5-9388-466021d971de_story.html



3 thoughts on “North Korea tests a bomb”

  1. Hawk,
    Don’t get me started on Kim Jong Un! I hear that Fox is starring him in a new TV show “Dictators Behaving Badly!” It is people like him who give us supervillains a bad reputation!

    Yours in megalomanic science,
    Dr. DNA

    1. Dr. DNA,
      Its sad. The most laughable are the giant “Office buildings” which have no ac. There is limited power for elevators. They are all decked out like brand new, when people come to visit, Kim takes them on a tour. Has to bring in a thousand peasants. They sit there tapping on a keyboard that isn’t attached to anything. The building slowly heating up in the sun. A bad set piece for a movie, that is all NK is.

  2. Hawk,
    Yeah, it’s pretty much Potemkin Village time. The most dramatic evidence is the shots from space at night with South Korea and China lit up like Christmas trees and just a single feeble flicker where Pyongang is. The rest of NK is stone cold dark, Great, if you are an ametur astronomer; I suppose. Nukes! Hey fatboy, how about investing in some electricity for your countrymen? Or at least so you could come up with a working doom beam?
    Kim Jong Un, lowering the standards of supervillany,
    Yours in megalomania,
    Dr. DNA

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