All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy

all work

Right, so I’ve not been blogging. I haven’t tweeted, facebooked, or frankly emailed anyone butĀ one friendĀ outside of work. Last few weeks have been busy.

Planning the family vacation, it’ll be a week away from all of the above, camping in Mississippi. I hope the weather is nice. Weather here stinks, pretty much all the time. (Washington DC, come for the terrible weather, stay because the traffic won’t let you leave.)

So, I’ll try to write some science these days. I’m putting in a bit of work on my current fantasy novel, but it is very slow. I’ve been working on spending more time at home with the wife and baby. Less at work. The guys at work appreciate that, but they have a lot for me to do as well. I’m pretty over booked.

Watched a movie, “Home.” It is great. For those of us with less than stellar records in human relationships, Oh is so us. Most scientists don’t think of themselves as scientists, just guys who do a job. We try to be happy, friendly sorts, but we’re the “not good” at social. Watch it. Of course it is a tear jerker, damn cartoons.

I’ll “the science” later.



2 thoughts on “All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy”

  1. Hawk,
    Good luck with the time off, Regaining a sense of perspective is vital when otherwise, you could accidently destroy the world!
    Started writing again, will send you the story when done.
    Yours in better living science,
    Dr. DNA
    P.S. Les Johnson is hosting the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop this weekend, just found out about it myself.

    1. Dr. DNA,
      Running a lot behind. Vacation coming in a couple weeks and planning for time off is harder than working. I missed this years TVIW. I wish I could hang with the “cool kids” again. I’m also working on my writing, but it isn’t going quickly. I’m not blocked, I just have too much to do. I need to just type for a few days. (Not happening this vacation, I’m going electricity free.)

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