Dr. DNA, Supervillain, Found Dead in Lair

Dr. Paul Grigoli has died. He was found dead, suicide, on May 28th, 2016. Paul was better known, in Dragon Con circles, as Dr. DNA. I think he’d like the page title.


Dr. DNA strode around the Con in his trademark spotted lab coat, mouse lab-assistant in his pocket. He was one of the evil villains who manned the “Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow” Panel. He also won the “Who wants to be a Supervillain?” contest. His rants were epic. I was going to build a “DNA Mixer” for the next contest, but it involved alcohol (He loved Patron) and we were told to stop the booze on stage. I did get my wife to sew him a Pandagator. Head of a panda, body of an alligator. Apex ambush predator, very dangerous. (Just ask Dr. Granade about that one, long joke.)

I don’t really know what to say beyond that. He was a genius, a great guy and a good friend. Sure, he wanted to take over the world, but he promised me that I could have the first cloned T-rex. (Hey, I personally EVOLVED to eat that guy, I think I deserve at least a leg!)   jurassic

He had a lot to say, loudly, about all the time. But, at the moment you think he’s just crazy, he says something so amazing, science or philosophy, that you have to back him up to repeat it. Genius, on tap. One of the smartest men I’ve met, and I’ve met a lot. Maybe he wasn’t particularly adept socially, (he really worked at eccentric) but he had a lot of heart.

Paul hit some hard times, turned down for tenure at Vanderbilt and Murray state. He was finishing his exams to teach Physics in High School. I asked him to come out to DC, but between his dad, his kid, his ex-wife, his minions, and his friends, he didn’t want to leave Oklahoma. He didn’t want to leave his Lair.

He loved explosions. I was talking to one of his minions last night and she wanted me out in OK if just to blow something up, in memory. (They don’t really like it when you bring that stuff on planes, just saying.) But an explosion for old times sake.

Bikini Atol 1946

Oh, was THAT your secret superhero headquarters? Wow, you’re going to need a new one. yup.

Well, now the superheroes can sleep a little easier knowing Dr. DNA won’t be out to get them. probably. I mean, villains have been known to come back for revenge. I’d just beware of Pandagators, if I were you.


Wherever Dr. DNA is now, his secret Lair will safe forever.


5 thoughts on “Dr. DNA, Supervillain, Found Dead in Lair”

  1. I am saddened by this – he was very intelligent and eccentric. He also made spectacular biscotti. True supervillains aren’t appreciated until they are no longer among us – RIP Paul.

  2. Sure would have liked to have gotten started on his crocodile pit.
    His enemies are safe for now, but dominion over the Earth is not yet complete. I still get Germany.

    Rest in peace, Dr. G.
    Having a bottle of pear wine on you this weekend, dear friend. We love you.

  3. Dr. DNA, Dr. Paul Gregoli, was my brother and I loved him very much and will miss him greatly. For those who don’t know, Paul has a B.S. in Bio-Chemistry from Tulane, a M.S. in Molecular Biology and a PHD in Molecular Biology from Oklahoma University. I know Paul really loved going to Dragon Con and partying with all his mad scientist friends!

  4. Thank you for this, he was my cousin, a couple of years younger than I. We knew he was a genius when he could read all the ingredients on a soap label (correctly!) At the age of 3 1/2. Loved him for his wacky love of science and his talent for making a really awesome blackberry pie. Good to know he was loved by so many.

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