HEART preparation

So, Dragon Con isn’t my only convention. I speak at a variety of other venues, but the radiation effects conference known as HEART is one of my favorites.

I wish I was prepared. They told me that I had a slot and that I was replicating someone else’s class. Easy peasey. I just read their class and make up my own power point. I’ve done that a billion times, professionally, so not too tricky.

I wanted the class last November, didn’t get it till the end of February. I’ve got to present in April. Sure, I have a whole month. I can do this.

I can’t read the class. It is classified. I’ve got a bare outline, but I don’t know the contents. I can go get the class, but probably not till later this month… Worse yet, now that I know the subject, I KNOW that I can’t get unclassified material to fill it. I don’t know how they wanted this to be unclassified in the first place.

Imagine that the personal information of your neighbors is classified. It technically is PII, so about the same for general purposes. Now, someone asks you for information and you say “Yes!” What could be the problem? Oh, they want the names and addresses and household income of your neighbors. “Well, no,” you say. “I can’t discuss my neighbors.”

Yeah…I’m on the schedule. 9 am – noon, Hawk embarrasses himself. The class has four parts, of which one I’m familiar with. I’d best get cracking on it, because I’m going to do 1/4 of a class, it’ll be a humdinger of a class.

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