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Movie Review – Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

My movie review system … well, I don’t really have one. I like the one proposed by a good friend of mine, determining how good a movie was by how many drinks you had to make it enjoyable, (You assume you had a good time, it simply goes without saying, but you may have drank a couple beers and had a hot chick for company to make the time go by more joyfully.)

Well, this movie moves to the top of my rating. We had a great time watching it. I drank 2 Wee Heavies by Sam Adams, probably counts for 4 drinks, and my hot chick was in attendance. So a ranking of 5 is the highest ranking I’ve given any movie ever.

Whenever we watch a movie, there is a sub-plot of “Could we do this costume at Dragon Con?” We had some fear though, if we did these Martians and someone recognized it…cute and ironic…but what if:
fan “Wow, Santa vs. the Martians! That is one of my favorite films!” 
me : “Gosh, go away, you scare me.”

BTW: Beer Review – Wee Heavy by Sam Adams,
Drink them. It is a Scottish Ale – sweet and spicy. Drink them.  

Party Idea for Dragon Con (or some other con)

I am thinking of organizing a Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl party for an up-coming con. Probably Dragon Con, if I can arrange a suite in the Hilton. Tell me what you all think… Obviously there will be a contest for best costume, for both Catgirls and Poolboys. We’ll play some Steve Jackson Games and have a particularly evil punishment for a drink foul. I think I’ll call it a “nuclear party foul.” (reference to Schlock Mercenary Included)