Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow


Here I am at a science panel. Yes, drinking a Coke Zero instead of a beer. (They said we were a bit too much Drunken Monkeys the previous year.) I still have my Igaaks on, love em.


Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow was started by Dani back in 1998, at Dragon Con.


That is a picture of Dani from… not from Dragon con, I think that one is from his school biography. We’ve been joined by Dr. Steve Grande, Dr. Paul Gregoli, Dr. Steven Schneiderman. (I apologize in advance for misspelling names, I usually get my own right.)  I need pictures of everybody, I’ll look around. We talked a lot of science and a lot of goofiness, gave away some EG awards. Well, I’ll find some pictures from my home computer. In any case, I’ve been doing Science (and Madscience)  Blogging since then, under a variety of names and blogs.

In real life? Well, I’m an engineer and scientist. I currently contract for DoD on Survivability and Radiation Effects. I have worked for NASA for 11 years, on space weather mostly.

Am I Evil? no, I’m much worse, I’m an engineer. I’ll make sure the trains run on time, whether you like it or not.

Let me check my notes