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Micro Fiction – Science Fiction in 25 words

So.. cheating, I was thinking of this song when I wrote Maybellene. I am strongly thinking about expanding this into a reasonable short story. Micro fiction is hard.


My palms sweating, gravitator rumbling, she slips into Acube space. Green light flashes and twin positron beams pin me into red leather. Dragging light.


new hill

I’m starting a book for National November Writing Month. (nanowrimo) I’m going to write a new novel in the Waylaid series…which consists of one novel. No great shakes yet, but I’m working on it.

If you want to join in on my pain, look me up on nanowrimo.  @Sablehawk of course.

This isn’t science fiction, but I’m willing to help anyone who wants it. I know science fiction as well as anyone. This novel is more fantasy/history based.